19 August 2020

Disaster tourist

We had a spectacular thunderstorm recently! In essence, it was the same weather system (I think) that was associated with the fatal train accident in Scotland. It went like the clappers! The thunderclaps were ear-splitting and the rain (plus hail! In the middle of a heatwave) was torrential. I could imagine that causing trouble. And it has: the day after I saw on internet there had been a landslide on the old road to Ogwen Cottage. That's where my running route goes! My longer route, that is; I have a shorter loop in the other direction. But with this landslide there and my disaster tourist instincts alive I decided this would be a long run day, in spite of the heat. So it was! I plodded to the site. Crikey! A lot of mud had come down. And rocks. It must have been majestic to see that all come down. No damage to the road, but for now it had so much schloop on it only very well-driven 4WDs would get through. I'm sure the council will clear it up soon! Bit for now, that very quiet road is even quieter than before... 

You can trace the scar quite far up on the hillside

Impassable road! For 'normal' cars...

A sheep inspects the situation

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