02 July 2020

Growing food update

It's June and we're in a wet spell. Not everyone likes the rain, but my vegetables do! So it is time for a bit of an update. 

Regarding the indoor food plants; my chard is growing well! And so is my cabbage! So I have already picked the day I will have my first meal in which all the veg is from my own efforts. I will decide on the day which one I'll pick!

And when I had my first guests in the garden, I had a salad with grilled watermelon. And I thought I might as well plant some of the watermelon seeds (from bits of the melon that hadn't been grilled, in case you wonder). Who knows what would happen! And nothing did in three weeks but then, suddenly, three seedlings appeared. Cool! And the chance they will ever bear fruit is probably negligible but well, I'm sure they make great potted plants. I suppose I'm being optimistic discussing them here.


Melon seedlings

And there is news: my courgette plants have started growing courgettes! The biggest plant now has a tiny courgette behind a big beautiful yellow flower. I'm sure it'll grow bigger quickly, and the other flowers will probably follow! This is exciting. My butternut squashes look decidedly less enthusiastic. I hope that doesn't mean they won't play ball at all! 

Lastly: the outdoor plants. I had been trying and failing to grow leek from seed. Then I managed to get a cut-off bottom end of leek to start growing again. It is doing well in the garden! And Jenny is a leek growing pro and she gave me some young plants. They are outside now too. And nature is keeping them watered!

Notice the vestiges of courgettes

And a row of young leeks

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