21 August 2020

Stairs project entirely done now!

The slipperiness of my garden stairs had bothered me from the start. I had done some attempts to do something about it but I had not been convinced by anything! Until I tried fine gravel and epoxy. It seemed to work a treat on the wood stairs! And I had done a trial bit on a loose piece of slate. With success. So one sunny day I sieved out a bit more sand, dried it, made the last batch of epoxy, and tackled the slate part of the stairs. The slate never gets as slippery as the wood! But wet slate can still be treacherous. So I hoped my last epoxy would do me for these steps too. And it did! When I was done, the entire flight of stairs was festooned with grippy strips. I'm so happy with this! It's now a pleasure to come down there stairs, even in the rain. Success, at last! 



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