14 August 2020

Trying to trim the hedge

There is a beautiful beech hedge between my garden and the neighbour's. And he tends to maintain it! But in Covid times he didn't want to go into my garden. So I would have to do it myself. And I Googled when one should do that; Google said mid August. So I set to work! My dad and his wife had given me a hedge trimmer so I was prepared. And I had my secateurs for the thicker branches. And my telescopic tree pruner for difficult to reach branches. 

I tried the bottom first. That was the easy part. I did that on an evening. When light faltered I put the cutter in the charger for the next day. Then I erected my snazzy working platform again in order to do the top bit. I did that early in the morning; it was forecast to be a warm day. But the disadvantage was I was staring straight into the sun. Oh well. 

Altogether it was a partial success! I could reach most. And then I got rid of the cutoffs, and brought the platform back to the garage. The hedge looks a lot better now. Not as even as the neighbour manages but not bad for a first time. Next year I'll be a pro!

Work in progress

Job done!

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