11 August 2020

Plastic-free on the loo

My period is already plastic-free! And my toothpaste and floss too. But my loo roll still came in plastic packaging. And I'm a one person household; the number of packages of loo roll I buy per year is very modest. But I use loo roll every year. And altogether, it adds up. And I always buy recycled toilet paper, but it always still comes in plastic. I suppose manufacturers are scared the stuff will get wet. A reasonable fear! But not all manufacturers fear such. A friend drew my attention to a company that packages it in only paper and cardboard: who gives a crap. And I thought it would be a good idea to try these. And they even donate half their profits to loo-building charities. But they send rather large packages! I agreed with Jaco and Marjan they would take some of them as otherwise I'd just have bought enough to last me a lifetime. So I ordered, and they arrived! So now I can visit the facilities with less of a burdened heart. Good! 

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