02 August 2020

Last black currants used up

I thought I had posted this already! I hadn't. All this happened before I went tot the Netherlands! Oh well. Better post it now than not at all! 

I had been making the most of my black currants this year! I had made two batches of compote (one frozen, so I can still enjoy that) and one clafoutis. I had also given some to Jaco and Marjan. And then there was not that much left! I picked the rest, and had already googled a recipe. Black currant buckle! I made a small one (not enough currants left for a full-sized one). So now the black currant season has come to an end. There still are gooseberries! With these I had only done the one clafoutis, and for the rest I had shared with the neighbour, and again Jaco and Marjan. And when this shrub is empty I suppose plum season will start! And then apple season. I love my garden! 

The black currant clafoutis 

The buckle (aka crumble pie)

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