25 June 2020

Update on plant bed with little blog attention

In this weird time in which I can't really say much about my work I can talk about the garden! When I bought the house the garden was a bit basic; several beds had nothing more than weeds in. And some had plants in I decided to get rid off. I had blogged about my succulents bed; how I had planted the first plants, and how I had been adding to it. And I had blogged about the big central bed and the two smallies next to it, but for some reason I had not said much about the one that initially had a big rose bush in, and lots of poppies. I had taken the rose bush out when my mum was visiting, and I had planted a walnut tree. And then when I had got rid of the poppies, which I hadn't mentioned (must have been a time with a lot going on) I had to plant something else.

I looked it up. These plants had remained unmentioned too! And it started with big-ish plants in the back and the middle (you can see them in the background on the pic in this post; still looks a bit empty!). And then later I put some ground-coveting plants around these bigger ones (another post with a pic in which the background does show this here). And I hoped all would grow and turn it into a full bed, and not an empty bed with some isolated plants. That had already happened with the succulent bed, and also with the two small beds. The big central bed still has a way to go. But with this bed it has come a long way too! And I thought that was worth mentioning. I really like that about my blog; I can look back at how things were before, and compare. And my garden has come a long way! And this bed is clearly very far from the Chelsea Flower Show, but it is clearly a bed now with considerable ground coverage, and that's great!

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