02 June 2020

Getting the entire university ready for next year

One Tuesday morning I didn't expect anything when an email pinged into my mailbox. It was from a lady who is involved in CELT, the University's teaching team. Celt stands for Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching. She didn't say what it was about but she wanted a chat. And later that day we had that chat.

So what was going on? Well, we will have to do a lot of online teaching, and she was asked to put a document together about what the literature said about how to go about it. And she couldn't really do that alone. So I was one of the people she asked for help! She had made a list of topics and asked us which we wanted to take on. I opted for 'flexibility and inclusivity'. It's important and interesting!

That also immediately gave me a big job to do. I've been browsing through geological literature for decades and I know my way. But I'm not anywhere that at home in pedagogical literature! But I have to dive in head first and deliver. That chat did get me working long evenings. It was bound to happen some moment! And I don't think this will end soon. The marking is pretty much done now. The exam board meetings are imminent. And with that out of the way we need to get our curriculum ready! Incorporate that knowledge that we have gathered. We have to make the shift a lot quicker than ever anticipated; let's make sure we use the knowledge gathered by others as well as we can!

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