18 June 2020

Lockdown and family

I have mentioned before that I am almost perfectly situated to sit out lockdown. My house, garden and neighbourhood are ideal. But one thing isn't, and that is my family in other countries! I can't travel and see them. We normally have a family meeting in spring; this year it had to be cancelled. My Finnish sister loves Wales but can't travel in. I try to see my mum regularly, and now I can't. Even if she ends up in hospital! Especially if she ends up in hospital. And it almost happened again! The rules say, though, that 'essential travel' is allowed. And I could argue my mother is essential to me. But I live in the country with the worst COVID record in the world (for now). I can't just pop over and see her! Even if I manage to get to an airport/ferry port/international train station without being turned back. As soon as I get into the country I have to go into quarantine for two weeks. And I think that's fair! You can't let these Brits make their problem your problem. And upon coming back I'd have to do two weeks of quarantine more. And I am quite sure I am not infected; infections are pretty low anyway in my (big) county, and I am in excellent health, but international travel means having to be in shared spaces with strangers and that's the moment where you would pick up an infection like that. So for now I'll still just have to wait! And phone regularly.

I am a bit frustrated! If Johnson and his mates would have handled this situation better, like they did in, say, Finland or new Zealand, there would be so much fewer people mourning a loved one. And I would by now be able to just travel and see my mum. The UK has some 65.000 excess deaths. Finland has 0. New Zealand is Covid-free, except for some Brits. It can be done. But Johnson et al have mightily buggered this up. And we all pay.

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