26 June 2020

First venture into someone else's garden

I had organised guests in my garden the very first weekend it was legal! And that meant I had guests with down jackets in there, in spite of it being June. Two weekends later I was supposed to make my debut in someone else's garden; Suzie ad invited me over for lunch. But that day, in spite of both the Met office weather app, and Rain Today stubbornly claiming rain wasn't happening, it was coming down torrentially, and we postponed. And lunch became dinner! One day, after work and then my session with my Welsh tutor (live, again! Which is better) I drove to hers. And the weather was perfect! And she has an idyllic garden.

We had a lovely vegan meal in the sun, with her three year old son confessing his love for me within minutes (!), and the cat striding around majestically, and the swallows on the power lines providing the soundtrack. Perfect! And it was really nice to see her and talk with her, and her not going pixellated or sounding like a Dalek or any of that. Or me doing that. Lovely! And we'll see. Maybe they let us do that with more than two households within a few weeks...

The cat enjoying the sun

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