08 June 2020

Tradition reinstated

The last thing I did when it was still allowed to meet people was walk with Chris. And when it became allowed again it was almost the first thing I did again! Kate had beaten him to it, but two days later we were on the move again. We met rather late; after a very hot and dry period the weather had turned, and it was raining rather heavily all morning. Not much fun walking in that! So we met at the convenient farm shop in between and started from there. This time we went west, in the direction of Rhiwlas. I had only been there once to buy a second-hand pair of waterproof trousers, which I don't seem to have blogged about. So there was terrain to be explored there!

It had been a while since I had seen him! I had once seen in in the queue of that very farm shop since strict lockdown, but that was it. But we keep digital contact. So it's not as if we had to catch up on ten weeks! There is always enough to discuss, though.

The weather was still a bit grim but it was fine for walking. And the route was lovely! Chris knew it like the back of his hand (as usual) but that didn't seem to matter. We had a nice view on Moel y Ci from the north, and the farmland was pleasant, and we even saw lots of wartime relics. The area had been used for ammunition storage! It reminded me a bit of Harrowbeer Airfield.

We didn't do a big loop; I would have dinner guests later and I needed to prepare for them. But it was good to have a nice walk again! And we'll do it again! I think this will stay legal for a while...

Platforms where storage sheds have been

Blocked blast shelter

Abandoned vehicle

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