29 June 2020

Teaching in Welsh?

I've been learning Welsh since I came to Wales. And it's not an easy language to learn! And it doesn't help that most Welsh don't speak it themselves. But I sort of learned it. And I hoped that in the end, I would use it in my job. But we don't have many Welsh students. And my colleague Dei was doing all the Welsh language teaching. But I reached the point where I figured I would never improve my Welsh if I wouldn't use it professionally! But in order to get some, I would have to take some off Dei. And Dei does have a slight penchant for wanting to do too many things himself, and if you combine that with him being in charge of School of Ocean Sciences teaching, and with a pandemic that turns all teaching upside down, it was a bit difficult to get hold of him and have that chat. And convince him to share the load. I know he is too busy so it would do him good losing some tasks!

I was a bit hesitant to bother him with this, but when my PDR was coming up I told him I was going to express my desire to teach in Welsh to the Head of School. And he was OK with it! So now we'll have to see what part I will do. And immediately I am in the same position as he is: trying to make decisions about redistribution of teaching while actually being too busy with all the other teaching. But we'll sort something out! And I look forward to using my Welsh professionally. I should be capable! They are basically making new Welsh in the Workplace qualifications to keep up with me. That sounds arrogant but it's actually true! So it should be OK. And it will be a positive feedback loop; the more I teach in Welsh the better my Welsh will be. So yes I have three entire modules to sort out as Distance Learning before the academic year starts, but I'll manage some Welsh teaching in too! I'm excited...

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