29 June 2019

Last fern gone!

I had spent several weekends fighting ferns! But I had visited Phil, and he had said he would like another fern. I had popped down to help him with bringing loads of rubble to the recycling centre as he had done his back in. And I said I'd try to dig it out and bring it over!

The next day I got my shovel out and gave it a go. And it came out! Great! I plonked it in a big pot I had lying around. Job done! And now I still have to get rid of the rest of the big pile of soil. I don't foresee big problems with that. So soon I will be able to sow grass! And have more lawn! My garden looks tidier every week. And it's always nice to be able to please someone else with what is no use to you! The pile had also yielded a small oak tree I had given to David. This is working out quite well!

It was interesting to lug the big plant in its big pot up the stairs. And fit it into the car! But it worked. I hope it lives happily ever after chez Phil!

Fern in pot and not on heap!

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