29 February 2020

Presentation in Welsh

It seemed over in seconds! I had chosen Reading Week to do my oral presentation for my Tystysgrif Sgiliau Iaith. So on a Wednesday morning I arrived at the management centre where Canolfan Bedwyr (the department that sorts Welsh education at the university) is housed. I was the first one of the day! I had prepared my presentation beforehand and had been practicing in the previous few days. And soon I was called in!

I did my presentation. It was about whether we get another ice age anytime soon. It's pitched at lay people and can only last eight minutes so I have to stay rather basic! No time to explain orbital forcing. But I think it went OK. But then they asked questions, and you never know what people will ask. So you can't prepare! And my vocabulary has limitations. And the questions drew me straight into these limitations! I'll see how they liked it, but only in June. In May there is the written exam and you get all results in one go! So I have to be patient. Not my strongest point, but well, time flies and such.

After the presentation and the questions I walked out again. As I said, it felt like I had only walked into the building seconds ago! Time to go on with the English language part of my day...

Slide from the revised presentation

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