05 February 2020

Walk to Dinas Dinlle and beyond

I had already decided I should go and look at Dinas Dinlle back when I found out about the lovely thrust moraines that were there! And that was years ago. And having seen a presentation about it (mainly about the hillfort on top of the moraines) made that decision more urgent. So when my friend Fiona (new on the blog!) suggested a walk I suggested Dinas Dinlle. And she thought that was a splendid idea!

We drove up and first walked along the shore, where the waves are eroding the hillock the hillfort is on. And the moraines were spectacular! We were almost blown out of our clothes but it was worth it. And then we walked over the top too! There it was the sort of struggling-to-stay-upright kind of windy. Oh dear! But again, worth it. From there the next hillfort to the NE really stands out. I'm not sure how much is to see there, but I suppose I should check it out one day!

 Thrust moraines!

This is what's left of the top surface of the hillfort. Notice the bank on the other side.

Looking from the other side: not much to see I know! Imagination has to do the work. 

It's not a big place so we were soon done. But not quite done walking. And Fiona suggested we also head in the direction of Nant Gwrtheyrn, where the National Language Centre is. Maybe one day I'll do a residential Welsh course there. It's a famously pretty valley and there is lots to see in the surrounding regarding mining relics and such. Great!

We walked to the granite quarry on the other side of the hill. It's pretty! And we even saw a goat with a very young kid. Poor thing! The first of February is a bit early for one of those to already be around. It was very cute but we worried about it. We walked to the other side of the hill, and then had lunch overlooking the valley. And then went back! Seeing another goat-with-kid. Oh dear. It was not a huge walk but one has more to do. It was great to get a good social walk in in busy times! And a good dose of history is a lovely bonus...

Art on the parking lot! Pic by Fiona

The granite quarry

Fiona contemplating mine-related ruins, with Nant Gwrtheyrn in the distance

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