18 February 2020

Frogs getting frisky

When Storm Dennis had pretty much left, I went for a run. I saw a lot of water around! And on a stretch with a ditch next to the path, the water in it moved. I had a closer look. And saw lots of frogs! And lots of frogspawn. I was intruding in a frog orgy! And I realised I may have had a rather unrealistic view of how frogs procreate. I had always imagined something rather calm. A frog leaving  spawn in peace. And then some time later another frog doing that too. And I hadn’t really pondered when the eggs get fertilised. It looks like that happens there and then! It could happen a fair time beforehand. Or, fish style, afterwards. But no! This was everything happening at the same time and the same place. Well I hope their spawn will grow up to be healthy frogs!

I suppose the frogs only show up in full page view

Lots of frogs! 

Caught in the act

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