15 February 2020

Neuadd Ogwen gets additions

Last spring, I heard that Neuadd Ogwen, the multipurpose hall next door, wanted to do some main work. They had a bunch of derelict lean-to's they wanted to put to good use, and they wanted to add porches to increase the noise insulation of the loading doors. And these doors are placed such that noise coming through can then travel fairly easily into my house. So I liked the idea! But I had no idea on what timescale this would happen. Until I went to see a film (or art project, or whatever) and bumped into Dilwyn, the manager, He said things were starting to happen! And he was right. Days later I came out of my house to see scaffolding against the building! I suppose that is for the porches. Good! I suppose that will also mean lots of building traffic and such but I'm sure we can all do our thing without getting into each other's way too much. And then in the end they have porches!

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