02 March 2019

Ready for the carpet

The bedroom had been stuffed to the brim with stuff. But after the paint in the storage room had dried for about 48 hours I could put lots of things in there! And some other things in the conservatory! And some in the garage. And on the Sunday before the carpet fitters came the room was empty. I had also cleaned the window frames (nicotine!) and windows, and put up some curtain rods. Best do the drilling and creating dust before the carpet arrives! And I had swept the floor. Now it is a big echoing space. But not for long! Soon I can sleep there. I will fall asleep to the sound of the river! And I won't hear Neuadd Ogwen so much on nights they have a gig on. I look forward to it! And when (not if) it gets hot in summer I can retreat to the upstairs bedroom after all. All marvellous!

Not much left in the bedroom!

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