16 March 2019

Lots of rain and lots of lifts

I knew my car would need its annual check soon. It was the first time I needed it done since moving to Bethesda! I was a bit nervous about it. In the old house I could reasonably get to work without a car in any kind of weather. I could just walk if needed! But now that's not an option anymore. And sometimes the weather is just awful and you get blown off your bike. I booked my MOT in a lovely week with sunshine, but well, by the time the garage had time for my old piece of rust the weather had turned.

On a Wednesday I brought the car in with the bike in the boot, took the bike out, and rode to Bangor for a lecture. After the lecture I biked back. I didn't think I needed waterproof trousers for that trip, but I was wrong. I got into the office rather soaked! Luckily I have dry trousers, socks and shoes there, but no dry knickers. I decided to do something about that. I put all wet gunk on the radiator and got on with the working day. And as it was Wednesday it ended with meeting Jenny in the pub. She mentioned one of her daughters would also show up with significant other. That's nice! And Jenny suggested they were in their big car, and they live in the same village. They would give me a ride home!

We had a nice Welsh-speaking session and then indeed Marian and Chris drove me home. Very nice! And the next morning I biked in again. Wearing waterproof trousers this time! But it wasn't enough. I was still a bit damp. But I had brought nickers. I also decided I needed waterproof covers for my shoes. I had bought a pair some time ago but they were no good. They didn't stop the water at all! I need something better. I don't think it's good for shoes to get wet and be dried out on the radiator every day. And the sensation of wet feet isn't very nice!

That afternoon I was driven home by Kate, our PhD student and newest addition to the ThursdayNighters. That was nice of her! And she drives past my house anyway so she suggested we keep the bike in her car overnight and that she would pick me up again the next morning. Great! And it did rain on the way back but it wasn't too bad. Three lifts in three days! That has never happened before. But it was welcome as I would have to do plenty of biking still!

On the Saturday I had to get to work again due to the Open Day. No lifts this time, but also a forecast of no rain! Unfortunately, it was quite gusty. I walked over the bridge and that was hard enough, as I was pummelled by the wind to an unpleasant extent. Luckily the wind had died down on the way back.

On Monday I biked in again in the sun. And when I phoned the garage they told me the car was ready! And the bill was under £300 so by my standards that's not much. And I was glad to have it back! Storm Gareth was on its way and I didn't want to have to bike through it...

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