13 March 2019

Reading for the big exam

I have registered for my Welsh A levels! I will take the exam in June. And beforehand I have to submit two recordings of me speaking Welsh with someone else. And one of them is allowed to be my tutor. And one has to be about a specific Welsh book, film, TV programme or something like that, and the other one has to be about some aspect of Welsh culture (but I assume not that same Welsh book, film, TV programme). Jenny was willing to do the first conversation with me. But then we needed something to talk about! And she suggested I read a book she likes a lot: Blasu (to taste). So I borrowed it from her. And then I need to find a victim for the other one! I wonder if I could use a lady who helps with Open Days when our default person who sets up the Open Days is unavailable. She is from the island and she's very nice. And I'm sure we'll have something to talk about!  But lets' go and start this book. I need to be quick; next month the recording needs to be in!

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