10 March 2019

Last floor done

On Monday morning the plumber would come. And then the tiler contacted me to say he was available too! I figured they wouldn't get in each other's way so I accepted that offer. I just made sure he showed up half an hour after the plumber so I had some time to get him started.

I showed him where the tiles were (in the garage) and he started off to do his work. And I left to do mine! And when I got home the tiles were in position. It looked good! It wasn't quiet finished though; it needed grouting and sealing.

The day after I came home and it was all done! And now the house really looks rather polished! In my eyes, anyway. I like it! And that stone will last. A lot longer than me!

Is that all done with the floors now? I don't know! Maybe one day I want to tackle the rooms that have so far escaped attention. But not for a while! Now it's time to just enjoy the place...

What you now see when you come into the front door


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