17 March 2019

Reading corner works

When I didn't have a living room yet I was really chuffed with the landing. But as soon as the living room was ready I felt a bit decadent. Two spaces for being cosy? But I had made a writing corner on the landing and I does come in handy. I am still decadent, but at least I am making use of my decadent house; the living room is for sitting comfortably, the landing is for being a bit more executive but still snug, and when the gloves come off and the room can be full of dual screen computers and binders and very non-Victorian, work-related stuff I have my office.

It got a job when I was preparing for a Welsh session for A level candidates that would take place on Saturday. We had been asked to do an old exam paper beforehand, so they could discuss it with us on the day. And that only requires some paper and a pen. And a flask of tea. That is easily added to my little desk! And it did feel nicer than being in the more businesslike environment of the office.

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