28 January 2019

Another Welsh exam

 It's not as if I have nothing to do. But Jenny is keen to add Welsh exams to my to do list. I had done a 'Welsh in the workplace' exam some year ago; that had been level 5. She figured it was time to do level 6. The highest available level! And she had planned it for before the lectures started. And the week before (it would be a Monday) I went hunting for Welsh speakers willing to help. They have to walk in and talk about work, and a tutor records that and marks it. And you have to phone a few people. And there is some written work involved. And for level 6, I had to do some mentoring of other Welsh learners. But not much!

That Monday it didn't happen; one of my Welsh speakers was ill, and no potential replacement walked into the building on time. We postponed it a week! And that very day there was a beginners' class in Menai Bridge; that would be a nice opportunity for some mentoring.

At 3PM a tutor called Elen appeared. We had a small chat first! And then I phoned my first Welsh-speaking colleague: Aled, a technician. We don't tend to have much to talk about as he works with our boats, and I don't use these, but we could just make it up. I used the project we have in mind with a company up the road to ask about taking grab samples from one of our smaller boats. That worked well! And once I know what we actually need I can ask again. This was just about being able to talk about it.

Then we asked Sophie in. And this time we had something real to talk about! She is a sea level researcher, and had mentioned in my presence she wanted to give a lecture in the not too distant future. I had a sea level lecture lined up! I was perfectly happy for her to deliver that. And we agreed on it! Great! We first talked about the general idea, and then I phoned her back to agree on a date and time. Perfect!

Then I phoned a lady from Canolfan Bedwyr, who happens to also be in my climbing club (I haven't climbed in months! Oh dear!) and that was nice. And then it was time to go to the beginners' class! Elen taught that so that worked out well. And it wasn't busy; only two ladies. Sophie (another one) and Siobhan. They're nice! And this way Elen and I could do practice exercises with one person each. I think it worked well!

When the hour was over I showed Elen the balcony of the building we were in; the views are amazing, and she hadn't been. She was impressed! And then left.

A bit later I wrote some text as that was part of the exam too. But I had received incomplete instructions; I had to write several bits of text. The second one ended up a bit low on my to do list! But I got it done on Sunday night. I think I'll pass. And well, if so: on to level 7! That qualification doesn't exist yet but I know they're working on it. And by the time I have that I'm sure they've started on level 8. And in summer there's the A level exam (da's het UK equivalent van VWO CSE!). I hadn't done that yet, as it is in June and then we're always on fieldwork, but as the fieldwork has now moved to September, I no more have an excuse not to do it! Let's have it!

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