03 March 2020

Almost six years of boots

I had needed steel-toed boots for a scientific cruise. And the School had some! The bloke who handed them to me said I could keep them. So I did! They served me well on both cruises. And in between and after them, I used them to go underground. They were more comfortable than my 'normal' wellies. Heavier too! But so be it. And in the dig, it's important they have steel toes. Stuff falls down there!

The endless stomping around in pointy slate, though, took its toll. They wore down significantly! Until in the end, one of them developed a tear. And you can still wear the boot, but of course the waterproofness is out of the window. I got a rather cold left foot in Wrysgan. And if I keep wearing the boot I'm sure that tear will keep growing until it splits the entire boot in two. So I had to buy a new pair!

Not very waterproof!

I had a look who stocked boots like that in the vicinity. And I saw what I expected; steel-toed boots my size are not common. A nearby store had them but it started with size 5.5. My boots are a size 4! So I ordered them online. Has to be done!

They've arrived! Now I am ready for another sixish years. Or maybe more now, as the dig is dormant, and I don't go underground every week anymore. They may last me the rest of my life! But I'll have to seek more help from socks. These boots are the same model and the same size but they are clearly bigger! I already wore two pairs of socks in the old pair, which is weird, as 4 is not a big size. I often wear 5! But now I might have to wear a size 4 with three pairs of socks...

And the old boots? I drilled holes in the sides, near the sole; I now have a pair of self-draining boots for trips when the water would overtop the boots anyway...

The amount of wear and tear is clear... and notice the small draining hole

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