26 March 2020

Socially distant lunch

Blimey does this blog age quickly. I tend to post with an up to 6 day delay! Normally I doubt people notice it very much but now it's quite evident. This is a post I wrote about Sunday, and I post it on Thursday. Life has changed since! But let's get back to Sunday.

A lot of people are now a bit cooped up. Some must self-isolate (but I know few of these), some have lost their daily activities, many now work at home, some have children that now don't go to school, some fall into more than one category. And we need to keep each other sane! So when I had to pop west anyway for an office chair, I contacted my colleague of whom I knew was struggling a bit with this working at home malarkey. And she said she intended to have a picnic at Penmon! And I decided to join.

It is strange to see friends and keep a distance! But better than not seeing friends. And it was lovely weather. We had a nice lunch on the beach! And a small walk afterwards. It couldn't be too long due to the kid. It was nice!

At the end the others left and I bolted on a short addition to the walk. It was lovely! Strange times these are. But we need to stick together (metaphorically) to get through this in the best possible way!

Walk with good distancing

Glorious coastline

Close-up of the limestone

Stone arch

Looking back towards the lighthouse

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