13 March 2020

Virtual Open Days

We had had two of the Open Days of a series of four. And then the Covid-19 situation worsened. So we're still on course to make them happen, but we are also starting contingency work. We want to have virtual Open Days! Which involves recording the speeches that people give, and recording the demonstrations, and recording whatnot so people can just see what we get up to without having to come up here. And I thought that would mean a lot more work. But I had our admissions lady on the phone and it seems that the marketing team are going to sort it out! Well, that I don't mind. I suppose that my job before and during an Open Day is mainly to make sure that people know when to be where. But if the whole thing is getting recorded the pressure is off. When the recordings are made doesn't really matter! As long as they are made. So for now I seem to be able to sit back, and wait for news! The Covid-19 update emails are coming thick and fast. But let's face it; there is a fair chance that Open Days, which involve plonking lots of people (sometimes over 150) into one big lab and making them touch loads of surfaces, will be cancelled before too long. But the good thing is; once we have the virtual Open Days we can use them for years to come!

How long will we still be allowed to do this?

PS and yes the Open Days have been cancelled by now! On the day I published this...

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