01 March 2020

Dinner party

I wasn't the only one in Ocean Sciences who spent quite a while not inviting people over because my house was a building site. One of my colleagues was in a similar situation. But the house now is finished enough to invite people over. So she did! And three of us headed to her snug cottage.

We ate early so her little son could join us. His bedtime is a bit earlier than ours! It was very nice. And after dinner we retreated to the living room for some catching up. And for having various opinions on the cat. He was revelling in the attention (he is striking and fluffy; I really should have taken a pic) but his owner was a bit bemused by how he played the audience. That's cats for you!

I'll see what's next; the lady living in Tregarth mentioned she was thinking of having us over too. I know her house from the outside; it looks snug! But otherwise I'll jump in and organise something. It was nice to do some away-from-work socialising!

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