24 March 2020

Socially distant walk

The government thinks we should still go outside for exercise! And I think that's a good idea. Who are you going to infect if you're going for a run? Or if you walk into an empty valley? And I'm not the only one who still wants to do that sort of stuff! So on the Saturday after my first day working at home I teamed up with Kate (Bob) and Chris. We had an epic walk in mind! And we could do that at a safe distance from each other. But we felt the wind and we decided that that walk might not be the best idea. We toned it down to pretty much the same walk Chris and I had had to tone down earlier due to him slipping and pulling a muscle.

We walked into the valley. The weather forecast was still insisting it was fairly calm weather but we were pretty much blown over! We persisted for a while but at some point, we decided it wasn't much fun. We could barely talk as the wind blew away our words! So we turned around. We had had some fresh air and some exercise. Time to go have coffee instead! But one day we would manage to get out and not be hindered by the wind or mishaps, as had happened before and before and before...

The view from where we decided to turn around

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