23 July 2020

Welsh qualification passed!

I did it again! I passed another qualification. After Welsh in the Workplace 6 I have now passed 7. As the first person in the entire university, as far as I know! I had spent some time on it in May, recording conversations, and doing a written exam. In June I completed it with a last conversation and then a rounding-up chat with the tutor. And now I have got my results: I passed! With distinction. 

I also got feedback. It wasn't too unexpected what I still had got wrong! Some mutations (Welsh nouns, adjectives and adverbs change their first letter depending on the context), some spurious use of the article (you can't use many; something like 'the bike of the neighbour of the baker' could only have one 'the' in Welsh), some not remembering whether a word is feminine or masculine, and some other stuff. I'll try to improve these things!

I suspect they might now design a 'WitWP 8'. We'll see! And if they do, I'll attempt it! But I suppose the real test will come soon...

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