17 July 2020

Quarantine lifted: off to mum

Late June, the UK government announced they would stop the quarantine for travel from loads of countries. Unfortunately, this is a health matter and these are devolved. What the Welsh government would do was less clear for a while. Looking it up on the governmental website didn't help; the Welsh one referred to the UK-wide one but the UK-wide one referred straight back to the Welsh one. Until a decision was made! The same rules would apply in Wales. And in the meantime I had looked up what the Dutch rules were. And there, quarantine was not an obligation but a recommendation. So with no law on either side, I could consider travel again! Should I, though? Well! Since you ask...

My main reason for wanting to travel is my mum. She managed to break her hip just before lockdown, and she is still affected by it. I haven't seen her since my Christmas visit! And I asked her about it. I'm confident I'm healthy at the moment; new confirmed infections here in Gwynedd tend to be one or two per day now. It's a big province! But travelling, of course, would mean a lot more being indoors with others than I normally do. My weekly trips to the local supermarket at 7AM are quite low-risk. So I could pick it up along the way and give it to my mum! And then to her neighbours. But she wasn't scared at all. She preferred to see me! Over avoiding the risk. And she said people were in and out all the time, also people with high covid risk. So me there wouldn't make the situation much worse!

So I decided to go. But how? Train or plane? I had just made the swap but I was nervous about being in an enclosed space with strangers for hours and hours and hours. If I fly I can just drive on my own to the airport, probably have lots of space in the terminal, and then only be in close proximity with others for 1:20 hrs. So I went for that! Sorry, environment. I will be back in the train when this has calmed down a bit.

I'll see my mum again! I hope all will go well...

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