13 July 2020

Making your own chocolate spread

I used to buy my chocolate and hazelnut spread in the local wholefoods shop. It's organic and lovely! But the shop closed at the onset of lockdown and has not come back to life yet. And I ran out. And in the local shops here there is a limited assortment of such spreads. Certainly nothing that can match it in quality and morality! So all in the spirit of lockdown home cooking, I thought I'd google if I could make it myself. And I found a recipe and it looked dead simple! So on Saturday I set to work. And it worked! I reduced the amount of sugar in it by half, but otherwise followed the recipe. It pretty much is chocolate, butter, water and sugar. It was sorted in minutes. And great! I tasted it and figured next time I think I can keep the sugar out altogether. Maybe it is a preservative but for the taste I don't think it's needed. Given how simple it is I can imagine I could experiment a bit! Just make half a batch next time. Without sugar! And see how it goes. I might buy hazelnut spread again (probably much more difficult to make, especially without food processor), but probably not chocolate spread! Too much fun, and too easy, to make yourself...

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