10 July 2020

First module rebuild: dissertations

It's official now! The dissertation module is moving to the first semester. Not entirely; it sticks out a bit into the second semester. But I have to now make sure I'm ready by September! And that's not a sinecure. For one thing, the students need their topic by the time the module starts. And I need to give them a lot of time! They need to be able to come up with their own titles. And that takes some thinking and reading and discussing with potential supervisors and whatnot. So that needs to be done in summer. Oh dear.

The School has finalised how the modules are distributed. And I had made documentation to reflect that. I've just sent the information out. It was weird! We normally have a lovely module website where all the information is collated. But these are generated centrally, and that happens later in summer. So I don't have a website to direct them to! I have to just put documents on OneDrive, and wherever it is Sway documents live. I really hope it will work out. It's quite something to ask of the students! They should be holidaying right now. Not that that's happening as normal this year. But I ask them to either design or choose a dissertation topic. In my defense; I have been getting emails from students asking for just that. Several are keen to get started! I'll just have to keep a close eye on my mailbox now. Ready to answer questions if they arise! Not that I was not doing that until now. But the stakes have been raised! I can now expect 134 students coping with a really strange start of a very important module!

From the index of my Sway module documentation

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