14 July 2020

Car care at home

I don’t think I filled up my car since February! I’m not a big driver but managing five months with one tank of petrol is unprecedented. I have no problem with not using it much. But I still need to look after it! And when I had dashed to the office to retrieve books, I noticed one of my tyres was a bit soft. Normally I sort that at a gas station, but I didn’t want to be dependent on these, so I bought a foot pump. You get electrical pumps too, of course, but if you can power something with sandwiches instead of electricity, then that has the preference I would say!

So my car got some care. I think I should pay attention to the tyre pressure as it influences fuel efficiency. I should start a habit of checking more often! Although I noticed one disadvantage of the foot pump: it’s very dependent on the weight of the person using it, and I’m not heavy enough to get the front tyres to ‘eco’ pressure... maybe I should be holding my recently purchased bag of sand while working that pump!

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