20 July 2020

Guardian dragon

I sat in my office and noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Some people from Neuadd Ogwen were carrying a gate. And they threw it in a skip! That skip had been put there and the Neuadd Ogwen people had warned me about it. They were doing a sort of spring clean in there. And now they were getting rid of this old gate.

I recognised it; it was the gate of the Victoria hotel. It's just around the corner. And not too long ago, the hall had acquired it. So the gate was theirs to discard! But it was an ornate gate. It had two silhouettes of the head if Victoria, and a 3D dragon to top it all off. And I had always liked that dragon! I had noticed it often, walking past, on my way to the shop. And now it was in a skip. That is a pity! I decided to act.

I fetched some spanners and checked if the nuts came off. They did! So in a few minutes I had myself a dragon. Cool! I think it should stay in Bethesda. I don't know yet where I'll put it; it should be near the front door methinks. But for now I just put it in the conservatory. And there it stands, guarding over me. A Victorian themed Welsh dragon! I'm sure he'll be excellent company.

Inglorious end in a skip

Now it lives in the conservatory! My pointy-kneed dragon.

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