21 July 2020

Bethesda 200 years

Was Bethesda (Pesda for locals) founded in 1820? Hard to tell! The town is named after Bethesda Chapel. That was established in 1820. And the town grew around it. The census suggests there was an 1840s building boom, and I think my house was part of it. I'm not sure you can really precisely date the birth of a town! But the National Monuments Record of Wales (NMRW) state that an early building boom was indeed in the 1920s. That would make the town roughly 200 years old now! Not even very old, really. But still worth a celebration! And so there was a bit of a buzz on the Bethesda Facebook page.

There were plans for a mural. I liked the designs! But it seems that project has been put on hold a bit. But an enterprising resident started selling commemorative clocks. And I liked them! So I ordered one. It's a basic clock mechanism fixed to a slate tile. And it's not Penrhyn slate! So not really Bethesda. But well, what can you do. I liked it anyway! And the proceedings went to a local charity. Sorted!

I don't know to what extent the town can celebrate this year! But I like pondering the origins of what is now my home. And I like that my house has been part of the history of town for most of these 200 years!

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