25 July 2020

Car worries

When my car wouldn't start while parked on Kate's drive I was worried! I would be needing that thing. Travel was allowed again! So the next morning I phoned a nearby garage as soon as they opened. They told me to bring it up. And it started so I could! The garage holder thought it was OK. And checked the battery. That wasn't particularly full but not anywhere near empty. OK! Well I'll chance it. I know now approximately what to do if it refuses to start again. But my MOT was coming up in about a month so I booked it in immediately. They suggested the day after! That wasn't possible but I brought it in the day after that. 

It needed two new tyres and a new shock absorber. But not a new starter engine! Let's just keep an eye on this. A car's not worth much if it doesn't start! 

This, however, has also spelled another change. Since I moved to Wales I've been going to a garage in Menai Bridge. That's where I used to live, and it was opposite work. So easy to drop it off in the morning and pick it up around six! And because it was so close to work I kept going there, even after moving to Bethesda. But things have changed. I rarely go to Menai Bridge now! And going to that garage has now become logistically impractical. So I now made the move! I feel a bit bad but I'm sure the other garage understands. So now it'll be up to Bethesda to look after my car! 

The garage had parked my car in the old parking lot of the Spar that closed a few years ago. They use it as the 'overflow car park'. This is how you get from the garage to that car park... 

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