28 July 2020

2020 fashion

Britain started late with measures. Any measures. Including the use of face masks. I didn’t buy one until May! And I went for a neutral grey one. But then time moved on and the situation did too, and I realised I needed to step up my game. I needed more of these things! When all is as it was during strict lockdown, one face mask will do. For that one trip to the shop per week! But with much more freedom came the need to still be safe. I have already mentioned sharing a car! So I looked up more local producers, and ordered some more. If I can avoid single use masks at all, I will! And I also try to avoid factory-made ones. So I tried to have a little shopping fun! Trying to get some look that would make the places I go look a bit more cheerful. Or colourful. Or Welsh. Or politically ok. So here is my own little fashion show! I am an untrained model but I think the masks come out ok...

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