16 July 2020

Five mile rule lifted but still stuck to

On a Monday, we were finally allowed to travel more than five miles by car. But it was a working week! I tend not to travel during the week. But it was busy and I worked much, thereby not getting chores done. And I only managed my short running loop! So when the weekend came, and I was free to go wherever, I stayed home. It wasn't only the chores; the one person I had only seen with great effort for months was Kate, who lives 20 miles away. We had only seen each other if we each got to Capel Curig, as you are free to bike wherever! And then walk together or something. Now we could actually just drive to each other's house. But she was away for work! So that wasn't happening. And the advantage was that now I had the whole weekend for chores and runs. And that was good! I got lots done.

The furthest I got from home was 5 km, on my Lockdown 10k. I ran it in the morning, which is unusual; I tend to use the late afternoon. But I shaved 5 minutes off my personal best without much effort, so it looks like I am a much better morning runner!

The garden also looked a lot better at the end. And I had made space in the conservatory so I can go and sow more veg. Early on I had been wondering if I had been overdoing it, but I am clearly not; I am mostly overfeeding the slugs! Not myself. So I had another try at spinach, and planted some fennel. I hope something comes of that. And there is more space, so next weekend I could add kale and pumpkin! And maybe I would even get more than 5 miles from home then. But if not? No problem! It has been a bit restrictive but I can keep myself amused at home for months...

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