04 July 2020

Fruit season start meets lockdown baking

It's summer! I had already done some snacking on raspberries and loganberries. It's still too early for plums or apples. But the gooseberry bush was full! And I decided do do something with that. I googled 'recipe gooseberry' and found gooseberry clafoutis. That looked good and easy! So I went for it. And it worked! The batter is quite sweet, and that's needed as the gooseberries most certainly are not. I like a bit of a kick in my dessert! I say result. And I have all intentions to go and harvest some black and red currants and some more of the raspberries and loganberries. And then make compote! I can then just buy some yoghurt and I have dessert for a while. It is time I use my fruits a bit more. I had so far only browsed a bit, and not cooked with it. And that's a trick missed!

Lots of fruit!

Finished product

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