27 June 2019

Wild night out with the ThursdayNighters

A few months ago, Phil had suggested to go have a beer in a pub on a Saturday night. And it happened. It was the day I got my sofa. I had something to celebrate. We went to the Globe; I meet there with Jenny quite often too. But when I meet Jenny on Wednesday at 6 there tends to be nobody else. It's a different story on a Saturday night! We struggled to hear each other over the din of youthful people intent on drinking a lot more than we would.

This time we hoped it would be quieter. The students have gone home! So we met in the Globe again. I travelled up with Chris and Phil. When we came in we found a bored-looking David and lots of noise youthful people intent on drinking a lot more than we would. Oh dear! We were 15 minutes late. And we ordered a drink but dreamed of going elsewhere.

By the time we might have been ready to go seek solace elsewhere, Simon appeared. Good! Then we could leave. With him. We walked out and decided to go in the direction of the pier. There are pubs there! And they are a bit more out of the way. And it was a lovely evening so the walk was nice too.

The first pub we came across was the Tap and Spile. And it looked quiet! And it was! Only a handful of people, and a mournful Malamute, were in there. We were much happier there! And talked houses and shoes and children and whatnot. And when we had finished our drinks we walked back. Chris brought Phil, Simon and me home and that was it. It had got a bit later than is good for me and I had drunk two entire pints but it was nice. I am turning into a pub animal! Twice in one year already!

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