27 June 2019

Sunny stroll in Dinorwic

I have been in a bit of a Dinorwic-phase lately! I had climbed there twice in the past two weeks, and gone for a short cold stroll on a Sunday. But my appetite wasn’t satisfied at all yet! So on the following Saturday, which happened to be quite sunny, I went back, intent on walking all around the mail pit. Then you still haven’t seen it all, but at least you’ve seen a lot.

My walk overlapped quite a bit with what I had done in my first weeks as a Welsh resident, but that was so long ago that although I recognised bits, it didn’t feel repetitive at all. And I barely met anyone! In the vicinity of the Sidings it was brimming with climbers, and there were more of these dotted around, but I didn’t see any other walkers. It was lovely! The place is absolutely littered with industrial heritage, and the views are great. I had a good time! And it took me just over two hours to do the loop. I did check out a lot of the levels I passed but I wasn’t exhaustive; that would have taken too much time. I think I’ll be back yet again! This is such a good place for a stroll. Maybe I should sleep there a bit more often too!

Lots of climbers! The Sidings is the level above that where the red-shirted person is belaying the green-shirted person

Abandoned machinery in one of the buildings

Amazing staircase going around the south end of the pit

Drumhouse and slate wagon

Buildings on one of the levels

A very cute building from which clearly the drums at the top of an incline were worked (drums underground; you can see some gaps in the floor between the rails in front of the buildings. That's where the drums are hidden! 

The incline associated with the building above

View down on all the buildings from the top of the quarry

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