14 June 2019

First sweet loaf

Sometimes I like something sweet. But generally not too sweet! I sometimes buy a funky loaf with cranberries and nuts, or with cherries and chocolate. Or a bara brith. Then these satisfy that urge. But now I can make them myself! I thought I'd just make a loaf with fruits and nuts in, but then I came across a recipe for banana bread. And that tempted me! I like banana bread. And it even needs only the 'quick' setting, which is still more than two hours, but not the 4:44 my regular bread takes. So after my wedding adventure I thought something nice with lunch would be pleasant and I tried a recipe I had found online. Cranberry banana bread! And it worked. It wasn't perfect; the mixing had been a bit flawed and there were clumps of flour in the corners, and it was a bit sweeter than I normally have (but well, it's banana bread), but it tasted good! It even looked good. I can do this!

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