22 June 2019

Rainy stroll in Dinorwic

When I knew I didn't have to go offshore I figured I may have time for a walk! I wasn't sure yet how long I could make it. It depended a bit on how much time chores would take and what the weather was like.

After our late adventures on Thursday I was very tired on Friday and Saturday. (I am so old! I suffer for days from one post-midnight bedtime.) On Sunday I thought I'd go in the afternoon! Even though clouds were just gathering. I didn't want a long walk so I went to Dinorwic. I had noticed there is a small road that leads quite close to it. So I drove there, parked up, and wondered what I'd see. It was raining by then.

I had a nice little stroll. Not too long; dinnertime was approaching and I was getting a bit soaked. And I was blown out of my clothes. At some point I went up an old stairway but aborted the mission as I was almost blown off. But it was lovely! I should do this more often! It's beautiful and a lot quicker than walking from the road to the reservoirs!

When I got home I immediately took my wet jacket, shoes and trousers off, and put some dry stuff on. But it was bleak and I was still a bit chilly so even though it was mid June, I decided to light the wood fire. We live in strange times; last year around the same date I was swimming in the river behind my house because I needed to cool down!  But luckily, Dinorwic is very beautiful in crap weather...

How the quarry greets you if you come in via this route

Looking across

Flowers on a gallery

Ruined buildings

 Another incline

The place can look quite bleak

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