15 June 2019

Reroofing in progress

Initially the roofer was booked in for May 6th. But things often take longer than intended! So the scaffolding went up in late May. And then nothing happened for two weeks. But on a Saturday something stirred! I thought it was typical they started on a market day. The back entrance of Neuadd Ogwen is busy then! But oh well. Nobody seemed to mind.

When the men started the roof came off quickly! It's the building back up that takes time. In a matter of days the wood structure was up again but I don't know how long the slates will take. But the work is underway! Soon I will have a proper waterproof garage! I look forward to it. And it immediately has something to do: store all the firewood that the taking down of the roof has yielded!

Starting putting the roof back up

Nice and bright inside

The felt is on; it's now waterproof! Now it needs protection! 

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