30 January 2019

The actual field day at Parys Mountain

A few days after our recce we took the actual students into the field, to Parys Mountain. We were a small group! And it went well. The students were interested and engaged. Jaco learned a lot (he's a sedimentologist so doesn't ponder hydrothermal activity very often) and we had brought David as a photographer. 

Admiring the Big Pit. Pic by David

Jaco in the Big Pit

Black Smoker deposits. Pic by David

When we were done looking at the geology we continued admiring the industrial heritage at the site. And it was good we had David; normally he keeps to the background if he joins a trip as a photographer, but this time he had such a wealth of knowledge about the place he broke his habit and pitched in. Cool!

The engine house

Next time we will on a beach again, but I think I will miss that one as I'm lecturing. Oh well! This trip had been good!

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