29 January 2019

New Welsh class - or is it?

A new class has started! But is it a Welsh class? It is advertised as such, but it is called 'local history'. And during the first class it became clear quite a lot of those attending were native speakers. They were just in it for the history! So it basically was a bloke who had printed out bits of old newspaper he had found and which he found interesting, and discussed them with us. Most were actually in English! Probably because most newspapers just were English. At least he discussed them in Welsh. He did write a few words on a whiteboard, but altogether it didn't feel like a language class at all. But that's OK! By listening to him I am practising my listening skills, and he does encourage input from the floor, so I get to say something now and then too. But not anywhere as much as I did in the traditional courses! But it's interesting. I'll keep going! I think next time he will talk about tramps, gypsies and folk like that. With his material stemming from pre-PC times. I don't think a particularly flattering picture will be painted!

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