31 January 2019


On Thursday I came home and everything had changed. The painter had started for real on the extension! And I had wanted to make a clear distinction between the original house and the addition; demure colours in the old house and clanging colours in the added bit. And clanging it was!

I had gone for orange, yellow and turquoise, and it's hard capturing these colours after dark on a compact camera but you get the idea! It cheers me up. And it does keep you well aware of what part of the house you are in! And it's not all done; the orange doesn't cover well so needs more coats, and the turquoise needs some touching up too, but the essence is there. Great!

The orange hallway and yellow bathroom behind it

All three colours in one pic

The bathroom looks a lot better now!

It looks green on this pic but that's OK

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