04 January 2019

Welsh book done with difficulty

Some books are hard work! And I read one that was. It was, if I understood correctly, a bundle of columns some old codger had written for the regional newspaper of the Lleyn Peninsula. And if not that then it was bits he had written after retiring from writing for that periodical. The paper was called 'Y Llanw'; the tide, hence the name of the book: 'Wedi'r Llanw' or after the tide, or, perhaps, after 'the Tide'. It was all about local history. He would tell tales of shipwrecks, quarries, factories, notable people, etcetera. It was interesting in itself, but it was written in a bit of an archaic style. And a bit dry. But I persisted! And I am not very familiar with the Lleyn so I didn't recognise many of the places but so be it. It was good practice. And I have already started the next, and that's a challenge for another reason: it's written in very slangy south Welsh... I'll report about that when that's done! That will be quicker than this one...

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