13 January 2019

New floor awaits

As soon as the painter is done, I can have a floor put down in the living room! And then I can start turning it into an actual room! I can't wait. And I actually didn't wait. I mean, the painter has to go in first. And painters work best when nothing is in their way! But I had seen a website with lots of reclaimed floorboards (I like old stuff, in case that needs pointing out), and they happened to have a courier coming to North Wales anyway in the week before the painter would come. So I went with it! I bought planks that allegedly come from a former Liverpudlian tobacco warehouse. Not far away! And you can see plenty of floorboards in the pictures in the link. I think the miners that make Bethesda what it was might have approved. I suppose many of them smoked! And they must have been used to imports from England.

The planks, though, are now lying in the only room that has all the space in the world for them: the future master bedroom. Maybe a bit in the way! As that room will need painting. Maybe I should try placing them under my bed. The bedroom won't be painted! And then the painter isn't hindered by them. And can't spill paint on them either. But I'm looking forward to seeing them in position! The joiner has already said he thinks he'll manage to fit me in...


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