03 January 2019

New semester comes knocking

I was only home for the first full day after Christmas when I got an email from a colleague. Five weeks to the next Open Day; it was time to start organising! And I know that, of course, but it still had its impact. I know I need to make that happen asap after the university reopens. I didn't want to start spamming people in the old year, as I figured it would feel too long into the future! But that does mean I have to hit the ground running in 2019.

When I got that mail I was also reminded of that I have to design a new model in January. And sort out a module I only found out existed when I was made module leader of. That should not be too bad; it's a twin module of one I have run before, but it needs new assessments. And I have a load of lectures inherited from a colleague, which need very rigorous revision before they're ready for their new lease of life. And I have the dissertation module on my plate for the first time. And I have all the lectures and stuff I already had. I am rather apprehensive. How to get through all that without collapsing? But there's only one way to deal with this: just do it. If I seem absent: give it until Easter. Then I should be able to emerge again into the light! And then, hopefully hopefully, the next year I won't have to deal with that enormous amount of new stuff, and the year will be less stressful...

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